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Creative crafts for kids

Spark the children’s creativity with crafts!

Paint, scribble, knead, bead, shape, draw, create – what crafts will you make? Welcome to the creative kids’ nook! We’ve gathered up our best kids’ craft ideas to foster creativity and imagination while making learning fun! Explore everything from letters and numbers to the solar system and time with crafts. Practice fine motor skills with beads and learn colours and shapes with clay, coloured pencils and watercolours. Or encourage your child’s problem-solving skills with clever experiments and crafts. We’ve got tons of crafts for kids that make learning even more fun!
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Easel & painting kit for kids

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GraviTrax Starter Set Lite -


Large wooden paint box

19,90 24,90

Silky Twisters 24 pcs


Hama bead chest of 20 colours

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DIY kit Solar System

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Window paint - Glow in the dar

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Explore and experiment

Play and learn at the same time. With experiment and science kits, you can learn while you play. Bring out your child’s inner chemist or archaeologist and let them learn through exploration and experimentation.

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Telescope & Microscope kit


Dig it! Tyrannosaurus Rex


Rock and Gem Dig Kit


Learn through construction

Construction and building are wonderful ways to learn how to focus and problem-solving tasks offer an excellent challenge for the mind. Not only do crafts keep your kids busy; they will also learn how to focus. And if they really want something to dig into, try popular Gravitrax, a ball track system that helps kids learn to problem-solve while also offering a fantastic creative outlet.

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The importance of learning to be bored

It is okay to feel bored once in a while. In fact, boredom can be good for creativity. Letting kids do nothing can kick-start their imagination and the flow of ideas. So it’s just fine to not feel like you have to keep the kids entertained constantly. See what kind of play and creativity might result!

Count and spell

Learning to count and spell is simplified with a little imagination. Beads are a wonderful tool to help your kids learn to count or to spell their names! If you add or take away a bead, how many are left? Learning addition and subtraction with beads is a dream for craft-loving kids!


Pegboard midi alphabet


Wooden beads alphabet multi 38


Activity book Play and Learn