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The Bullet Journal method for planning with creativity

Bullet Journaling is a great way to plan and organise your life with creativity and success. The purpose of a Bullet Journal is to save energy and turn all the irritation of planning and projects into something fun that sparks the desire to get creative. Whether you are a craft-loving planner or just want to unwind and sort through all the thoughts, plans, ideas and projects constantly swirling about in your mind, the Bullet Journaling method is incredibly rewarding.

Start Bullet Journaling

So you’re keen to give Bullet Journaling a try. Awesome! We promise that you have hours of enjoyable and creative planning ahead of you. If you are new to Bullet Journaling, we have complete starter kits and other smart tools to help you start making your BuJo.

Pens for your Bullet Journal

Coloured pencils Panduro 24 pc

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Zebra Sarasa pen Vintage 5-pac

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Notebooks and planners for your Bullet Journal

Dotted Journal A5 Brush stroke

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Everything you need to know about Bullet Journals

Bullet Journaling is named after the bullet points used in the method. Here, the bullet points are symbols and short sentences that summarise tasks, projects and more in your BuJo. For example, a star could be the symbol for your events. The aim is to summarise your plans quickly. Bullet points are a helpful way to do that, and hence the name: Bullet Journal. The right materials make creativity even more fun. Whether you are a beginner or want to take a deeper dive into the Bullet Journaling method, we have all the information you need. There are a few things that every Bullet Journal-writer needs, and if you asked them, they would probably all say the following: stencils, stickers, paper tape, pens and of course, a dotted journal. Today, many people use their BuJos as a tool for self-care, a way to take time out of their day to relax and check in on how they are feeling. Structuring and planning finances, making a workout schedule and keeping track of meetings can all help to reduce stress. Anyone can use the Bullet Journal method to plan their day, whether at school or at the office. Keep it simple and modern, or make space for colours and shapes. Your BuJo – your rules!


How to start Bullet Journaling:
It’s easy to start making a Bullet Journal! At Panduro, you can buy a Dotted Journal starter kit, a Bullet Journal kit for beginners. The notebook pages are patterned with dots and the sheets can be removed if you make a mistake or aren’t quite happy with what you’ve made. The dots on the pages make it easy to draw and create freely in your BuJo. In addition to the notebook, you also get a pen, tape, highlighter, ruler and stencils.

Tips for your Bullet Journal:
Our inspiration includes other examples of pages to have in your Bullet Journal. But here are two pages recommended by our Bullet Journaling enthusiasts:

The index is the very first page of your journal; this is the actual table of contents. It presents an overview of your goals and plans.

A cheat sheet containing all your symbols. For example, a star could indicate an important meaning, and a heart could indicate plans with friends. There could also be a symbol to use once you’ve checked off a box, or for an upcoming task.

The Bullet Journal method was invented by digital designer Ryder Carroll, who was trying to organise analogue notes on his projects. Today, Bullet Journaling is a major trend on YouTube and other social media channels.