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Notebooks for the Bullet Journal method

Choose a notebook based on how you want to plan and create. In the world of Bullet Journaling, there are thousands of notebooks to choose from. Or at least, that’s how it can feel. So whether you’re looking for a dotted journal, a ruled notebook, blank pages or something in between, we know there’s a notebook for you. Here, we’ll guide you through our favourite notebooks and planners for Bullet Journaling, most of which are a classic A5 size. We hope you find the one for you!

Dotted Journal

A dotted journal has little dots, just as the name suggests. The dots are there to guide your design while offering free space to be creative and make exactly what you want. In summary, a dotted journal is a planner that offers plenty of creative space while providing good structure for help. Perfect for beginners!

Lined/ruled planners

If you prefer to stay within the lines, you will also find lined/ruled notebooks and planners. This is the most classic notebook choice and you will find options from Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine.
A lined planner is excellent for beginners who want to see if Bullet Journaling is for them, or for anyone who wants to stick to the main objective of the method: planning.

Blank pages

If you want endless freedom and maximum creative space, then a journal or planner with blank pages is perfect for you. There are no lines or dots here for guidance – just your imagination and creativity. This is perfect if you want unlimited creative freedom, for example, if you are confident in the Bullet Journal method, or if you’re an ambitious beginner who prefers to dive right in.

Black journal

A black journal offers a certain elegance. If you want to stand out from the crowd, a planner or journal with black pages is undoubtedly the choice for you. This isn’t the place for a classic ink pen – instead, you’ll be working with white, metallic, glitter and other striking writing utensils. If you’re a Bullet Journaling pro who wants to try something new, then this may be the notebook for you.

Watercolour journal

Do you want to pull out all the Bullet Journaling stops, and merge your watercolour practice with practical planning? Then you need a watercolour planner. Specially intended for watercolours, this planner has thicker pages, which means it can handle the quantity of water involved with watercolour painting.