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DIY casting!

There’s something magical about refreshing your home with your very own hand-crafted decor. Try your hand at casting and mould-making to make your own interior design accents. Plus, it’s the ideal hobby whatever the weather. In the dark of autumn with winter ahead, you’ll be longing for candle light, pretty candle holders and other cosy home accents. Come spring, those first rays of sun will be tempting you to do up your garden or balcony so you can enjoy being outdoors for longer. Let Panduro guide you through our inspirational tips and supplies for all your casting needs. Because what could be more satisfying than the pride of knowing and showing: those pieces there – I made them myself! 

Top tips for casting

Master casting! Our casting guide shares our best tips for doing your own casting and mould-making. 

Concrete casting

Supplies for casting