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We know clay!

Is anything more enjoyable than a few hours spent kneading and shaping clay? Kids and adults alike surely agree: it’s one of the most creative and fun activities around. And it’s no surprise! When it comes to colours and shapes, clay offers endless possibilities – and it can take your creativity to incredible new heights. That is a recipe for success for quality time spent together and creative joy. Imagination is all you need! At Panduro, we can guide you to the right clay with the right characteristics, and to the best tools and accessories. Our huge selection includes many different kinds of clay, not least from our own brands, Hobby Clay and Panduro Dough for kids. These air-drying clays are both perfect for hours of creativity. But that isn’t all! We also have clay for making pottery, sculptures, jewellery and interior decor details. Indeed, we have clay for anything you can think of! And of course, you will also find clays and doughs that can be transformed into sparkling unicorns or sand castles. Simply put: whatever you want to make, this is the place to find the clay, dough, tools, equipment and accessories you need, for kids and adults alike.

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