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Clay for kids

We’ve got oodles of clay for kids – but which one should you choose?

Knead, roll, shape and create with clay! Because clearly, kids love to play with clay. Once your imagination gets going, soft and spectacular clay can be transformed into anything at all. It is incredible how – with a little bit of shaping – a lump of clay can become a character, or a bead, or maybe a key ring. Everyone can make fun clay creations. Simply squeeze, press, roll with a rolling pin, shape it and see what it becomes. Clay truly provides infinite possibilities when it comes to colours and shapes, and it’s easy as clay pie to get creative with it! Modern kids’ clay is soft and nice to use, with no strange additives. Panduro has everything from soft dough, modelling clay and organic clay for kids, to pearl dough, glitter clay and sand clay – plus essential accessories and tools to create and play with clay.

Many of our kids’ clays are self-hardening, or air-drying: they firm up on their own so that the kids can save their work. But we also have soft dough to play with over and over again, as well as popular Fimo, a light and stable oven-hardening modelling clay. There are loads of clays for kids to craft and play with!

1. Air-drying clay

A super light and soft clay with a wonderful consistency – you won’t want to stop squeezing it! The clay adheres to most materials and you can make everything from whimsical characters to key rings. If you want to save your work, simply let it dry out. Otherwise, put the clay back in the container and continue later.

Air-drying Panduro Soft Dough

An ultra-light, soft and smooth dough! You can combine different colours, and the colour won’t transfer from the dough. If you want to save what you’ve made, simply let the dough dry. Or put the dough back in the container and continue later. If needed, you can soften this dough with a little water.

Air-drying Panduro Pearl Dough

A super light and soft pearl dough! It contains tons of teeny-tiny beads that give it a fun, crackly consistency. Almost like slime! If you want to save what you’ve made, simply let the dough dry. Or put the dough back in the container and continue later.

2. Dough

Soft and smooth dough is fun for little hands to shape, squeeze and play with over and over. Just imagine getting to experience that magical feeling for the first time again! Our assortment also includes organic dough made of 85% plant-based and organic ingredients and 15% salt. If needed, you can easily soften dough with a little water.

3. Oven-hardening clay

Fimo Kids is a soft and smooth clay that you can use to make incredibly detailed characters and accessories. You can also make your own cool eraser using Panduro’s Eraser Clay. When you are finished with your work, simply harden it in the oven.

Fimo kids light green 42 g

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