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Hobby horse

Hobby horse

Here, you can find everything you need to make your own hobby horse, and everything that goes with it. Making your own hobby horse is an ultra-popular trend among kids of all ages, and you might even be able to find hobby horse competitions. Some people are perfectly happy to buy a premade hobby horse frame to decorate, while others want to make their own custom hobby horse entirely from scratch. Here, you can find step-by-step instructions and patterns for sewing a hobby horse, as well as premade frames. You will also find materials for crafting and decorating, such as yarn, felt, stickers, rubber decor, satin ribbon and pens for decorating your hobby horse – and the best way to attach it all is with a hot glue gun. You can even buy premade accessories for your hobby horse, like a bridle and obstacles for an obstacle course, and a rack so that you can set up your own stable at home. Short and sweet: here at Panduro, you can buy all kinds of equipment to make your hobby horse a winner at your next competition. And if you want to make your own rosette award ribbons, we have materials and inspiration, so you can make the prettiest rosettes ever. Remember: your hobby horse should reflect you and your style! And the truly crafty can change their horse’s look at any time with a new mane, new rosettes and decorations, or even a new bridle with a few new details. You can also buy Panduro’s hobby horse templates here.