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Be crative with minatures

Making your very own little world is a wonderful pastime. You get to decide from A to Z – down to the tiniest detail. With miniatures, it doesn’t get much easier. And we adore miniatures in all shapes. You’ll discover that from exploring our wide assortment. We have furniture, decor and realistic accessories for decor and various activities, along with realistic miniature animals, birds and vegetation. Get into the miniatures trend, craft shadow boxes, doll houses or dream landscapes to match your mood or the season – decorate them for Easter, Christmas or other holidays. And don’t forget that elves and elf doors are a must for every home. We have all you need in the way of wood, polyresin, wool roving, clay and glassware to name just a small selection of our craft supplies. We also have handy starter kits of various kinds, tools and all kinds of paints for finishing your miniatures project. Put your fingers to work and experience the thrill of letting your imagination loose on a teeny tiny scene.
4 (7 reviews)

Miniature kit in wood, 147 pie

4 (6 reviews)

Pixie double door set

4,5 (2 reviews)

Fairy veranda roof

4,8 (5 reviews)

Mouse family white H.6.5-10cm

1,5 (2 reviews)

Miniature kit clothes mix winter

5 (1 reviews)

Miniature kit table and 4 chairs

3 (4 reviews)

Greenhouse, wooden, w. window

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Fairy kingdom miniature kit


Everything you need to make your own miniature scene