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Pens & ink

Everyone needs pens and pencils! There are thousands of options out there, and all of them are different. Some are ideal for writing on glass or porcelain. You can use others to make incredible designs that you never imagined were possible – using what appears to be a simple pen or coloured pencil. So the next time you get out your best pencil, just imagine the possibilities of what this utensil was truly made to do. No matter what kind of tool you need, you’ll find it here – everything from calligraphy pens and ink pens to accessories like pencil sharpeners and paper pads of all kinds. Is a Stabilo pen right for you? Or Pilot pens for your Bullet Journal? Just a simple marker? Maybe one from Derwent? You’ll find pens and pencils at great prices, as well as slightly more exclusive options for more professional needs. And of course, tons of fun pens and pencils for kids. What kind of pen or pencil do you need?

Tips from a pen pro

Glass and porcelain pen

I love this glass and porcelain pen with a brush tip. It’s so easy to write with, and the soft tip allows you to create very fine lines. If you want a slightly heftier letter, just apply more pressure to the pen. This pen makes it easy to write on glass and porcelain!


I love to write and draw! If I had to choose a favourite pen, it would definitely be Posca, because it’s so incredibly useful. It’s permanent on porous (absorbent) surfaces and can be washed off smooth and hard (non-absorbent) surfaces, which makes it super practical. When you’re tired of it, just wash off the decoration and draw something new!

Pilot Parallel Pen

The Pilot Parallel Pen is an excellent pen that works for loads of different calligraphy styles and techniques. The great thing about this calligraphy pen is that it’s as sharp as a traditional dip pen, but it doesn’t have to be dipped in ink – although it can be. Instead, this pen has ink cartridges. The Pilot Parallel Pen comes in four sizes and lasts a long time.

Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir comes in tons of colours and it’s perfect for making beautiful colour gradations. One tip is to work quickly, to allow the colours to flow together nicely. It’s important to remember that good results don’t depend only on the pens, but also on choosing the right paper. In this case, I recommend Neenah colouring paper.