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Tie-dye clothes and fabrics

Tie-dyeing is a technique that involves creating patterns by tying sections of fabric with string. The fabric is tied before you dye the garment. Tie-dyeing has a lengthy history and its popularity has emerged in waves in recent decades. You can make your own patterns with this technique, and once you’ve learned how, it’s easy to tie-dye fabric yourself. If you’re feeling particularly bold, try experimenting with different colours on one garment. It’s such a cool and creative way to express yourself and we promise that once you start, you won’t want to stop – it’s so much fun to achieve that tie-dyed effect! Plus, you can invite your whole family to add colour to their bedding, socks, tote bags, jumpers and T-shirts with tie-dyeing. You can tie-dye clothes by hand or in the washing machine; just choose the right product for the method. We have fabric dyes from Dylon and Nitor for both machine and hand-washing. At Panduro, you will find inspiration for slightly simpler tie-dyeing methods and for a more classic approach. Either way will be great – most important of all is to have fun! Reinvigorate your clothes and other fabrics at home with tie-dyeing.

Textilfärg för batik & tie dye