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What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the creative repurposing of something discarded or worn out. This is different to recycling, which means converting materials to make completely new products. Instead, in upcycling, you use your creativity to give household items, furniture and other objects that have lost their value a new lease of life. A jumper might be reborn with embroidery, and a flea market bargain might be given a personal touch with a lick of paint.

What makes upcycling good?

Upcycling is a way to help conserve the Earth’s limited resources while finding an outlet for your creativity. Painting an old, worn-out wooden chest means that new wood doesn’t have to be cut down for a new chest. So with upcycling, you extend the usefulness of products and allow them to realise their full potential – instead of throwing things away and buying new ones.

3 ways of upcycling

Make your home more you

Give an old chair a new lease of life by replacing the seat upholstery and repainting the frame with furniture paint. A shelf you were planning to scrap for good, can be updated for a hip new look using contact paper. Bring out your inner interior designer and stylist and unleash your imagination on making your home more you, using stuff you already have at home.

Upcycle your style

Be your own designer by recycling, upcycling and repurposing! A pair of worn jeans on their last legs can go from trash to fash with just a few cross-stitches, and an outdated sweater can be redesigned into an on-trend garment. Upcycling gives you the freedom to redesign items to suit your own personal style.

Upcycling household stash

With creative upcycling, you can bring value to items that would have been thrown away otherwise. Those empty toilet rolls are a great example! This unsung hero of waste is ideal to repurpose for all kinds of fun and easy craft projects. Use your imagination to give the most unlikely household items a new lease of life.