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Easter eggs

Decorate Easter-themed eggs

Look no further for eggs if you want to paint and decorate eggs. With hollow cardboard eggs in two halves, you can make festive Easter eggs for Easter gift-giving or to decorate a dining table as an added extra for your guests. Panduro has cardboard eggs in different sizes; large and small, to display on their sides or upright. Decorate your cardboard Easter eggs with glitter, craft felt, rub-ons, paint and apply pretty details, and add your name to them in foam letters. Hide lots of yummy Easter treats inside the egg for gifting.

Hand out Easter eggs
In many cultures, Easter eggs are exchanged on Easter Sunday. But everyone appreciates nice presents (and treats), so surprise friends and family with beautiful Easter eggs whenever you like at Eastertime.

Tip! Organise an Easter egg hunt with a helpful treasure map, in the garden. Get the whole family to join in the fun, hunting high and low for Easter eggs. Easter entertainment for all the family. Spoil love ones with treats inside, but also with a hand-decorated Easter egg. Shop for Easter eggs here at Panduro, online or at your nearest Panduro store.


Divisible Easter egg 30 cm whi

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