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Paint eggs

When you want to paint your egg and eat it!

Paint eggs for Easter! Painting eggs is an enjoyable creative holiday pastime, and best of all when everyone of all sizes and ages joins in the fun! Explore our range of food-grade products for painting eggs to be eaten for an Easter lunch. Try painting a few eggs with food-grade markers. They are easy to use and completely safe for the eggs that will be peeled and eaten. Explore Panduro’s inspiration features and products for decorative and edible Easter eggs here.

Egg dye 15ml 3pcs slver effect

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What paints can I use for decorating edible eggs?

For painting eggs that will later be eaten, we recommend using food-grade paints and pens and our special egg paints. This is because these products are designed to come into contact with food. If you are just decorating eggshells for decoration, you can take your pick of any Panduro pens and paints. If you are going to be painting with children, we recommend choosing items from our Kids & Junior selection, as these are specially designed to be child-safe.