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Halloween has become something of a favourite holiday to brighten the autumn darkness. There’s an eerie appeal to things that are a little scary. The horrors have certainly lessened, and we no longer consider scaring off ghosts. But there’s no harm in a little fear, a few pranks and laughter in the company of good friends... Right? And it’s great fun to dress up in a creepy costume, make an awesome face painting or wear a silly mask. Especially for the kids – they love Halloween and they love trick-or-treating! Panduro has gathered up everything you need for a frighteningly fun Halloween for kids and adults alike, whether the goal is to scare, entertain, or simply inspire creativity. We have crafts, DIY kits, face paint and decorations to help you throw the best Halloween party. Bake devilish cupcakes, lay the table with gory skulls and grinning pumpkins, make your own mystical lanterns and creepy decorations, get the Halloween look and above all – spark the kids’ imaginations. You will also find fun Halloween tips and inspiring DIY videos with step-by-step instructions. Take a look and let your creativity flow!

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