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Face paint

With face paint, you can transform into any monster imaginable for this year’s ghastliest gala. We have face paint in every colour, so you can dress up as anything from a clown to a ghost for a day or two. Take this chance to make the scariest or sweetest Halloween face painting of all! We even have glow-in-the-dark face paint for a ghoulish, ghostly effect in the dark of night.

Face paint guide

Face paints are dry cakes of paint that are activated with water. To begin, dampen a sponge or brush with water and gently squeeze it out/wipe it off. Swirl the damp sponge/brush in the cake of paint to activate it.
Be sure the paint is not so watered down that it drips, or becomes streaked – apply to your arm first. Once the cake of paint is activated, you can start applying it.

How to paint:

Always begin with the lightest colour. Practice on your hand first. Hold the model’s head with one hand for support as you paint. Cover large areas by dabbing with a makeup sponge. Paint small, thin details with a makeup brush.

The easiest way to remove face paint is with makeup remover.

Step by step

Everything you need for Halloween facepaint