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Gift wrapping – clever tips and inspiration galore

Find inspiration and creative gift wrapping ideas. We think giving a beautifully wrapped gift is especially fun, don’t you?

What’s the best way to wrap a present? What should you do if you run out of tape or wrapping paper? No worries – we can help you out of sticky situations that may come up while wrapping gifts.

Not enough ribbon?

You’ve criss-crossed your ribbon around a gift, only to find it’s too short to tie a proper bow. Frustrating – but not impossible to solve. Instead, fold the ribbon in half, wrap it around the gift once and pull the ends through the loop. Now you have much more ribbon to work with for your bow.

Not enough paper?

You’ve pulled the last sheet of paper from the roll and find that it won’t reach all the way around your gift. Annoying, but there’s a fix. Instead, turn the gift at an angle on the paper. Then fold in the edges of the wrapping paper. Now you have plenty of paper to work with!

Run out of tape?

You’re about to take a piece of tape when you realise the roll is empty. No problem! You don’t need tape. Turn the gift at an angle on the paper. Then fold the edges to the centre. Tuck the last edge underneath the others, like an envelope, and tie a ribbon around the gift. Then you can slip dried flowers and a card with a lovely greeting into the pocket on the front.

How to wrap something soft

Wrap up a soft gift with beautiful results! Start with a rectangular sheet of paper fold it into a roll. Apply a piece of tape. Then seal one end with tape, creating a pouch. Place the soft gift inside and tape the other end. For a pretty shape, seal the ends together in different directions. Double-sided tape is a great tool for this gift-wrapping style. Trim the ends with pattern scissors and finish with a tag on a beautiful piece of ribbon for added pizazz.

How to wrap a bottle

The best way to wrap a bottle is with fabric! Spread out a piece of fabric and fold down one edge. Place the bottle with the neck facing up towards the fold, and then fold the fabric up over the bottle. The neck of the bottle should stick up above the edge of the fabric. Fold the edges twice on either side of the bottle. Finally, wrap the fabric around the bottle. Tie the fabric in place with the beautiful ribbon and decorate with a dried flower.

How to wrap a round gift

It can be tricky to wrap a round gift neatly, but it isn’t impossible! First, wrap the paper around the package and apply a piece of tape. Fold in the edges on the bottom of the gift. Then fold about 1 cm pleats in towards the centre all the way around the top of the gift. Tie with a piece of string. Finish with a wax seal stamp to hold the folded edges in place.

Gift wrap 10m pink leaves


Gift wrap 10m insects yellow


Gift wrap 10m rabbit green


Gift wrap 10m pastel dots


Gift wrapping– inspiration

It may be what’s inside that counts, but a beautifully wrapped gift is a wonderful way to spread joy. We’ve gathered up tons of creative ideas here. So light some candles, put on some music, and enjoy a cosy afternoon of wrapping gifts!

Whimsically wrapped gifts for the children’s party

Surprise the kids with delightful, brilliantly wrapped presents! Wrap a gift to look like a unicorn or transform it into a truck. One idea is to write the child’s name in big letters on the package. This will be a popular detail, especially for a child who is just learning to read.