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Hobby Horse School

Are you the proud owner of a hobby horse? What fun you’ll have!
Panduro’s hobby horse school has tutorials to help you with everything from making the eyes and a stylish mane for your hobby horse. We’ll also be giving you quick facts about horse coat colours and markings, plus tips for horsey must-have accessories, including for your wooden-legged breed. Browse our hobby horse tutorials for tips on how to create your dream steed.

How to do the eyes on your hobby horse

There are various ways of making the eyes for your hobby horse. Look no further for inspiration on how to attach eyes to your hobby horse and bring your gee-gee to life!

Make a stylish mane for your hobby horse

All horses need a magnificent mane of hair to show off. Make your mane using colourful craft felt or yarn. Choose any colour you like; make it as fanciful or realistic as you want. In the video tutorials below, we show you how to make your very own hobby horse mane.

Learn all about horse coat colours and markings

Do you know your horse coat colours and markings? Join our quick tour of horse features so you know how to get that realistic look for your own horse.

Horse coat colours

  • Bay: For a realistic classic bay (dark tan) horse, make a black mane and black tail. Go for our brown hobby horse base (stick and plush head) and then use black felt or yarn for the mane.
  • Grey: A grey is pale-coloured with a mainly white coat blended with grey. For a realistic grey, you’ll need some white and grey yarn for the mane.
  • Dappled grey: A dappled grey has lighter spots or dark circles on its coat. You can achieve this by painting the “fur” of your hobby horse using black Palett textile paint.
  • Cremello: This colour name is for horses with an unusually pale skin and coat. This colour horse usually has blue eyes. Cremellos are rare and their pinkish skin may appear golden. Use light pink craft felt to accentuate your horse’s pink muzzle and the pinkish skin around the eyes.
  • Black: A black horse is all-black, with a black coat and back mane. So for your black beauty, you needn’t mix and paint so much, but choose a black hobby horse base (stick and head) and add black yarn or craft felt, and you’re done!
  • Palomino: The coat colour called palomino is pale golden, with a similar-colour mane. Get the details on your hobby horse by dark-shading his eyes and muzzle. Then you’ll have a super-lifelike palomino pony! Get the look using black Palett textile paint.
  • Leopard spot: The nearest you’ll get to Pippi Longstocking’s white horse with his black spotted or splotched coat. The spots can vary in size from bottle-cap to apple size, so feel free to make those spots and splotches however you like. The easiest way to make the spots is using black Palett textile paint.
  • Chestnut: A chestnut-coloured horse has a reddish-brown coat, like a conker from a chestnut tree. The mane and tail are almost the same colour as the coat, and sometimes slightly paler.
  • Skewbald: The coolest coat colour, if you ask us! A skewbald or piebald horse has large splotches, sometimes like it’s half one colour, and half another. Skewbald horses are often seen in westerns, so for a real cowboy horse, go for skewbald colouring. The colour of a skewbald ranges from brown to black, chestnut and grey. Meaning you’re free to choose any mix of colours for your skewbald pony. Use yarn or felt in various shades to get the unique look of a skewbald.
  • Horse markings

    Some horses have special markings either on their head or down their legs. Personalise your hobby horse by giving him a blaze on his forehead. To do so, simply apply white Palett textile paint, or go crazy with other colours. In our attached file, we show you horse face markings to choose from. Match the numbers in the text with the pictures so you know which goes with which!

    1. Faint star
    2. Star
    3. Star and strip
    4. Round star
    5. Stripe
    6. Irregular star
    7. Snip
    8. Interrupted blaze
    9. Stripe and snip
    10. Bald face
    11. Half blaze

    Horse accessories

    Every horse needs accessories, including your very own hobby horse. Here are some accessorising tips for horses, including stick-legged ones.

    Rug: A nice rug or blanket will keep your horse warm out on rides or in the paddock. Keep horsey toasty with a quilted blanket, and visible in the dark with a reflective rug, or go for a rain-proof cover if your pony likes to go galopping in the rain.

    Hood: For show-jumping, horses typically wear fly masks or fancy bonnets to keep the flies off their ears. Hoods or bonnets are also worn to muffle noise at show-jumping competitions so the horse doesn’t get stressed. A must for all horse owners!

    Bridle: A bridle or bit is used for controlling your horse when out riding. We have a range of bridles for different riding disciplines and how much you need to control your steed. At Panduro, we have ready-made bits, classic bridles and bridles with nosebands for all breeds of frisky horses.

    Halter & lead: With a halter and a lead (rope to attach to the halter), it’ll be easy as anything to tie up your hobby horse and lead it to and from the paddock. Fasten the halter around your horse’s head, adjusting it to fit at the neck.

    Jumping fence: With a show-jumping fence, you and your horse can compete to win trophies and rosettes. At Panduro, you’ll find fences made of princess-tree wood, which is soft and kind to hobby horse and human legs, but also stands up to those little knocks and bumps.

    Stable gear: All horses need a place to sleep and recover after competitions. Here at Panduro, you’ll find hobby horse holders and stall signs for snazzy stabling of all your hobby horses.

    Tally-ho! A-riding you shall go! You have now gallopped all the way to the end of our hobby horse school. We hope you’ve picked up lots of fun and helpful information for making your very own happy hobby horse. And don’t forget, now: every horse needs a name; hobby horses too.
    Have fun!