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For haunting Halloween looks

Halloweentime at last! Our makeup guide gives you tips for easy Halloween makeup effects for both children and adults. Discover all the suppliles every Halloween makeup artist needs for their scary art, and pick up must-have tips for the spookiest trick-or-treating looks.

Prepping for makeup – step by step:

1. Dip a makeup sponge or makeup brush in water. Squeeze or gently shake out the excess water.

2. Twirl the damp sponge or brush in the face paint palette to dissolve the paint surface slightly.

3. Don’t let the face paint get too runny, or it will leave streaks on the skin.

4. Once the face paint palette has dissolved, you can start doing the makeup.

5. Always start with the lightest colour.

Tip 1: Practise on your arm! The best palette for practising on is your own arm. Try out the effect of the paints on the underside of your arm before applying them to your face.

Tip 2: To steady your hand, rest it on the model’s head, unless you are painting yourself, that is!

Brush or sponge – what goes where?

For large surfaces, you’ll want to use a makeup sponge or a makeup brush. If applying paint to large areas already covered by another colour, for example, over a foundation colour the easiest technique is to dab the paint on using a makeup sponge. But if you’re going to be doing detailed lines, it’s best to use a fine paintbrush.

Essentials for your makeup bag:

Face paint – the foundation for the best makeup. Be sure to have great quality paints that are approved for face painting, and which are easy to wash off and, of course, easy to apply.

Glitter gel makeup – give special face paint effects an added touch of magic with glitter gel.

Spray-on/temporary hair dye – colour your hair just for the party. Spray-on temporary hair dye is perfect for colouring hair green, purple and/or pink for a night. Or how about adding sparkle to your hair with glitter spray? After the party, the dye or glitter can just be shampooed out.

Liquid cosmetic latex – want to make scary wounds or creepy skin? Then you’ll need some liquid cosmetic latex to hand. Be sure to use latex approved for use on skin.

• Face template – this makes it easier and quicker to do cool details like pumpkins, a bat or a spooky skeleton.

False eyelashes – for the finishing touch to your Halloween looks, go for a pair of dramatic false lashes.

Gel blood – What would Halloween be without blood? Or fake blood, at least. Gel blood lets you up the scariness of any get-up.

• A gentle but effective makeup remover.

+ the ultimate brush kit for face painting.

Easy Halloween makeup

Keep it spookily simple! Invited to a last-minute Halloween party or maybe not aiming so high this year? There are all kinds of reasons for sticking with easy Halloween makeup. You only need a few supplies to create all kinds of effects. Add fake teeth, gel blood  contact lenses and you’re Halloween ready.

Halloween makeup for children

Is your little one going to their first Halloween party? Or maybe you’re holding a fancy dress party at home. Here we bring you tips for fun makeup designs for young Halloweeners who love dressing up. How about being made up to look like a cat, a snake, a creepy clown or maybe a wicked witch? Eulenspiegel have a range of fragrance-free face paints that are carefully tested and approved for child-safe use. These face paints wash off with soap and water. Look through the inspiration below together and see if anything gets a thrilled YES!

And don’t forget…

…to perfect the makeup with a fancy dress costume. We have a choice selection of fun fancy dress costumes for children. Browse all the fancy dress costumes in a range of sizes

Complete your Halloween look with coloured contact lenses

Take your makeup or fancy dress costume a step further with coloured contact lenses. Lenses will complete your look. Stand out in the dark with UV contact lenses that light up under UV light, enhance the effect with cat-eye lenses, ghoulish zombie lenses or red-eye lenses for a devilish look for Halloween.

Things to bear in mind when wearing coloured contact lenses:

The Halloween contact lenses available from Panduro are non-prescription but worn just like ordinary contact lenses. Because correct placement in the eyes can be tricky and may cause eye injury if you are not used to wearing contact lenses, we only recommend Panduro lenses for customers age 18+.

Things to bear in mind when putting in coloured contact lenses:

Wash your hands thoroughly before applying and removing the contact lenses.
Remove them immediately if you experience any discomfort or eye sensitivity at all.

How to care for your coloured contact lenses:

When not in use, store your contact lenses in lens solution. The lens solution ensures that your contact lenses do not dry out and protects them when you are not wearing them.

We hope you picked up some inspiration and useful info for maxing out on your Halloween costume and taking your makeup to a new level year.

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