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Panduro Design – our in-house design department

Ann-Charlotte Hallberg: “Pattern design is the combination of colour and form”

Gift wrap, fabric, stencils and beautiful sheets of design paper – all featuring exclusive designs developed by our in-house design department, Panduro Design. Meet Ann-Charlotte Hallberg, our head of trends and design – she is in charge of all the unique patterns we create.

We are incredibly proud of our in-house design department, Panduro Design. That’s why we would like to introduce the person behind all the patterns that end up in our stores. Ann-Charlotte Hallberg has worked at Panduro since 1987. Since then, she has been a product developer, stylist and art director. Today she is head of trends and design at Panduro Design.

Where does she find her inspiration?

If anyone knows Panduro, it’s Ann-Charlotte. But where does she find her inspiration?

“I find inspiration in anything and everything. It could be a colour combination on an item of clothing I’ve seen, or I might return to part of a pattern I designed earlier,” says Anne-Charlotte.

“It’s just as exciting every time”

Pattern design is the combination of colour and form. Suddenly, the two elements become harmonious and the pattern is ready.

“You can refine the colours and the density of the pattern endlessly, but quite suddenly, the colour and form will become harmonious. That’s when I know I’ve found the right combination. It’s just as exciting every time,” says Ann-Charlotte with a big smile.

Her desk is full of sketches for next Christmas

Right now, Ann-Charlotte’s desk is covered with sketches for next year’s Christmas patterns. When you work as a pattern designer, it’s important to start early.

“Right now, my focus is on next Christmas. I always like to start working on Christmas early, because it’s our most important season.”

Exciting new patterns

In her many years at Panduro Design, Ann-Charlotte has developed loads of new patterns.

“It’s interesting, I always find exciting new patterns. Christmas, autumn and Easter may come year after year, but I always have inspiration and I never get tired of it!”

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