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by Panduro

How to instructions

  • 1

    Digitise a photo (scan it, or take a picture of it with your phone).

  • 2

    Print the picture on a sheet of transfer paper with an inkjet printer. Choose paper for light fabric. (If you are adding text to the picture, remember to print it in reverse).

  • 3

    Cut out the portrait and iron it to light cotton fabric.

  • 4

    Embroider details and sew on beads.

  • 5

    Place another piece of fabric on top, right side facing the portrait, and pin in place. Hold everything up to a window (or a lightpad if you have one) and trace the outlines of the picture with approx. 1.5 cm margins. Cut this out with a seam allowance.

  • 6

    Fold a piece of ribbon and stuff it in between the two layers of fabric. The loop should be in between the fabrics, and only the two ends should stick out at the top of the ornament. Sew together, but leave the bottom of the ornament open. Cut notches in the seam allowance where needed and turn the ornament right side out (for this step, it is useful to grab hold of the ribbon inside and pull!)

  • 7

    Stuff the ornament with wadding and sew up the bottom by hand.

Put your old family photos to use! Make this year's loveliest Christmas ornaments with transfer prints. For this Christmas craft, you will need: transfer paper, an inkjet printer, fabric and wadding. Follow the instructions carefully and decorate with embroidery yarn, beads and beautiful ribbon in different colours.

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