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3D Christmas card


by Panduro

3D Christmas card

3D Christmas card

How to instructions

It's high time to start your Christmas cards! 3D cards like these ones aren't difficult to make. You will need two papers of the same size. Fold the green paper into a card and draw the outline of a tree along the folded edge. I've tried to draw a sketch here, so that you see what I mean. Then cut along the dotted lines, but leave the black part uncut. Open up the card so that the tree stands out, as you can see in the picture I took. Apply glue to the back of the card and glue on the other piece of paper, which will form the back of the Christmas card. Cut out Christmas ornaments, stars and decorations and glue them to the tree. I used origami paper. See the sketch below. Idea, text and image: CLARA LIDSTRÖM. This entry is a collaboration between Underbara Clara & Panduro.

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