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A beautiful year-round wreath


by Panduro

A beautiful year-round wreath

A beautiful year-round wreath

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut 20 strips, 4.5x50 cm

  • 2

    Split each strip into 4 pieces

  • 3

    Fold each piece and cut according to the template

  • 4

    Tie leaf after leaf to the mobile hoop

  • 5

    Glue on the wool balls

Make a beautiful felt wreath that lasts year after year. METHOD: Lay out a piece of felt and cut 20 strips (4.5x50 cm). Then split each strip into four equal-length pieces (4.5x12.5 cm). Next, fold each piece in half (short side to short side) and cut according to the template to make leaves. Tie on the leaves, one after the next, around the mobile hoop and adjust them to look beautiful. Repeat with all of the leaves. Last, glue on wool balls as berries and attach a piece of string as a hanger. See the template in the PDF below.

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