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A chicken coop in a basket


by Panduro

A chicken coop in a basket

A chicken coop in a basket

How to instructions

We constructed this little chicken coop using wooden parts from our miniatures kit. The wooden sticks are easy to snip using robust scissors. For fast and reliable bonding, use a glue gun to assemble the parts. Glue the walls to each other to assemble the coop. Paint all the parts first and then glue on mouldings, windows, pictures and other details last of all. The eggs, carrots and flowers on the steps are made of Fimo clay. The chicken wire is made from little lengths of white tulle glued on the inside. Install the chicken coop in the basket surrounded by moss and teensy plants, and then dot with hens, chicks and other cute animals here and there. The basket was spray-painted with Vintage spray.

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