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A lid with decoration


by Panduro

A lid with decoration

A lid with decoration

How to instructions

Naturally, a box for accessories should have a stylish lid! First emboss the lid with Clear embossing powder (ornament); sweep the surface with stamps and spray water over the entire surface with the mister. Then wipe off with a piece of paper to create pretty effects. What you embossed won't pick up colour; the background will pop instead. We brushed this lid with one brown and one red stamp. How to emboss: Mount the Clear Stamp on a block. Colour the stamp with the embossing ink pad (you can also use an ordinary ink pad in the same colour as your embossing powder). Carefully press the stamp to the lid (the surface). Sprinkle the wet surface with embossing powder. Shake off the excess powder and brush away whatever you don't want on the surface. Heat the powder with an embossing heat gun until it melts; keep moving the gun for better control of the process.

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