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A simple Christmas star


by Panduro

A simple Christmas star

A simple Christmas star

How to instructions

  • 1

    Use a star-shaped metal frame

  • 2

    Cut out snowflakes & branches from patterned paper

  • 3

    Make beautiful metal wire antenna with beads

  • 4

    Attach the metal wires & branches with a hot glue gun

  • 5

    Use adhesive pads for the snowflakes

Decorate a simple star frame to make a beautiful still life. We used beautifully patterned paper from the "Crisp Winter" pad to make the snowflakes and branches. We punched out the flakes using the snowflake figure punch and we cut out the branches freehand with a craft knife. Make them first so that they're ready, then make the beautiful beaded antenna. Cut a few pieces of metal wire and place a bead at the end of each one; secure with a little hot glue so that they do not fall off (use a glue gun). Wrap the metal wires at the top of the star using flat-nose pliers and maybe a dab of hot glue if needed. Bend them nicely to make beautiful antenna. Glue the branches in a bundle on top of the metal wire knots to hide the tangle. Then use adhesive pads to attach the snowflakes on top of the bundle; adhesive pads will create a 3D effect. Then the star is ready for use. You can either place it on a shelf or hang it in a tree.