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A special day


by Panduro

A special day

A special day

How to instructions

These confirmation cards and menus are easily assembled with the following items. As a base, use white cards and folded white hobby card. Cut the design sheet (confirmation orange) to the desired size. Smudge the edges with the brown ink pad. Press out the stars from the sheet and make holes in them for string. To make date labels, cut a sheet of thinner white paper to the correct size. Smudge the edges with the brown ink pad. Stamp the date with Clear Stamps (other text and names are printouts). Then punch holes along the edge (with "Figure punch circle 3 mm"). Tear off pieces so that they look slightly used. Assemble the pieces as seen in the picture. We used a stapler to attach the three small slips ("MENU", "CONFIRMATION", "6 May 2013") to the orange design sheets. Then attach them to the white cards and the menu sheet.

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