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A stool with style!


by Panduro

A stool with style!

A stool with style!

How to instructions

A simple stool can be transformed into a fabulous design object with a little decoupage paper.
METHOD: Start by removing the step from the stool (making it easier to fix up). Apply decoupage varnish to the paper, let swell for about 30 seconds, then press out the paper evenly on the stool (and step) with a dry brush. Make sure to press out all folds and bubbles. When you're done, you can cut away any paper that sticks out (cut with a craft knife). The paper will shrink as it dries. After 24 hours, you can brush with decoupage varnish again to protect the surface. For a harder surface, you can spray on a layer of clear varnish when the surface is completely dry.

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