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by Panduro

Acrylic pouring with a blow torch

Acrylic pouring with a blow torch

How to instructions

You can use paint for so much more than just painting. Why not try acrylic pouring? This method of mixing several colours is also known as "Dirty pouring". Prepare each colour separately in small mugs. As many colours as you like. Choose whichever colours you like, but white must always be one of them.
RECIPE: One colour of paint (Panduro Acrylic matt), some water and 2-5 drops of silicone oil (for a mixture of about ½ dl, 4-10 drops for 1 dl). METHOD: 1. Pour the paint into a mug. Add some water and stir well. 2. Add the silicone oil drop by drop and stir. 3. The mixture should have a creamy consistency so that it is runny enough to pour out of the mug. If it is too thick, add a few more drops of water (but do not make it too runny). Repeat this method for all your colours. One colour in each mug.
MIX ALL THE COLOURS TOGETHER: You need a mug that is large enough to hold all the paint that you have prepared. Pour some, but not all, of the white paint mixture into the mug. Add some of the paint from all the colours. Then start again with white and continue until all the small mugs are empty. CANVAS: Place the canvas on top with the right side facing the mug. Carefully turn everything over so that the mug is on top of the canvas. Leave for about 30 seconds. Remove the mug and let the paint spread over the canvas. Gently shake the canvas so that the paint covers most of the surface without letting too much paint run off the edge. Then heat the painted surface (not unpainted surface) using a kitchen blow torch. Do not hold the torch too close and keep the area clear of flammable objects. When you heat the surface, tiny dots will appear here and there. Finished! All you have to do now is lay the painting flat to dry.

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