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Bake a heart!


by Panduro

Bake a heart!

Bake a heart!

How to instructions

Woo your sweetheart with a mini cake - bake a heart. METHOD: Bake a cake base in the mould, remove and let cool. Split and fill with strawberry mousse. Roll out a white sugarpaste cover. Press on a few pea-sized sugarpaste balls (balloons) in various bright colours, roll to flatten them, and roll upwards at a bit of an angle to make the balloons a little oblong. Lay the cover over the cake and smooth it out with a smoother; trim the excess. Draw and write (yourself, or let the kids have a go) on the cake with food colouring pens. Finish with a rolled, cut-out sugarpaste ribbon at the bottom. The cake in the picture is sitting on a sea of sprinkles.

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