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Bake a mummy cake


by Panduro

Bake a mummy cake

Bake a mummy cake

How to instructions

  • 1

    Bake a cake in any flavour. Alternate sponge cake bases and filling. Prepare a buttercream and spread a thin layer over the cakes.

  • 2

    Roll out a thin layer of white sugarpaste and cut it into long strips. Tip: Sprinkle your rolling pin and work surface with icing sugar to prevent the sugarpaste from sticking.

  • 3

    Cover the entire cake with the strips in a criss-crossing pattern.

  • 4

    Carefully cut off the excess sugarpaste all the way around, and brush off any excess icing sugar.

  • 5

    Roll a piece of black sugarpaste into a ball. Split it in half and roll each half into another ball. Roll out the two balls and use them to make eyes on the mummy cake. Brush the pieces with water if they do not stick to the cake.

  • 6

    Roll a small piece of black sugarpaste into a log and attach it to make a mouth.

  • 7

    Bring your adorable mummy to life by brushing on rosy cheeks with edible pink dust food colouring.

Surprise the kids with a deliciously sweet mummy cake for Halloween! Anyone can make this cute cake, and it makes a strikingly spooky addition to a spine-chilling Halloween party.

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