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Bead a solar system


by Panduro

Bead a solar system

Bead a solar system

How to instructions

  • 1

    Bead all the planets in the solar system on pegboards. Make the planets in size order, from the smallest to the largest: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth (or Tellus), Neptune, Uranus, Saturn with its rings and Jupiter.

  • 2

    Lay a piece of ironing paper on top of the beaded planets and iron each planet on both sides on the lowest heat setting. Leave the planets to cool weighted down by something heavy like a big book.

  • 3

    Paint a wooden dowel rod blue. Let it dry.

  • 4

    Cut a length of sewing thread and thread it with decorative beads and lettering beads to spell the names of the planets.

  • 5

    Using a sharp needle, poke a small hole in each planet. Be careful! Then attach the string of beads with the right name to each planet.

  • 6

    Hang the planets from the dowel rod in their right order in the system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and, furthest away from the sun, Neptune.

  • 7

    Hang up the whole solar system by attaching a string of beads to each end of the dowel rod.

For aspiring astronomers and budding astronauts, is there anything more exciting than learning about planets and outer space? Equipped with beads and fired by their imagination, children can make their own solar system, while learning about Planet Earth’s nearest neighbours. Start by beading pegboards with all the planets and then string beads to spell the name of each planet. Then simply suspend the planets from a wooden rod and sit back to dream of cosmic exploration.

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