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Become a werewolf


by Panduro

Become a werewolf

Become a werewolf

How to instructions

  • 1

    Apply face paint to the cheeks, nose and eyelids with a makeup sponge. First, moisten the cake of paint with a little water.

  • 2

    Use a black tattoo pen to thickly line the eyes.

  • 3

    Paint bushy eyebrows with black face paint, and apply black to the tip of the nose and nostrils. Using a dry brush, blend some of the black paint from the eyebrows down to the nose.

  • 4

    Make the eyebrows a bit bushy by brushing small, white lines upwards.

  • 5

    Apply black lipstick to the lips.

  • 6

    Cut two 16 cm pieces of grey mega pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaners in half and hot glue them to a headband to make werewolf ears.

Watch out for werewolves! Dress up as a horrifying werewolf this Halloween and scare everyone at the Halloween party! With bushy ears, striking contact lenses and an awesome face painting, it's easy to create the transformation into this furry monster. Then you can howl at the pale light of the full moon all night long. Aoooo!