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BFF jeans


by Panduro

BFF jeans

BFF jeans

How to instructions

  • 1

    Draw a heart on paper and self-adhesive plastic. Cut out with a craft knife.

  • 2

    Stick the plastic to the back pocket and tape plastic all around it to protect the jeans.

  • 3

    Hold the can at a 20 cm distance and spray the heart.

  • 4

    Let dry and remove the plastic.

  • 5

    Fix with an iron (set to cotton) from the wrong side for 5 minutes.

With fabric spray, you can add your own personalised designs to your clothes, upcycle an old piece of clothing you were thinking of throwing away, or even make awesome BFF clothes. Or all three at once! Before you start, the jeans should be washed and dry. Spray the fabric paint outdoors or in a large room (for example, a garage). Don't forget to cover the surroundings to prevent paint stains. Shake the can thoroughly before you start to spray. When you are finished, turn the can upside down and spray out the excess. This will prevent the nozzle from clogging. If you want to write a letter inside the heart, write it with a hot glue gun before applying the spray paint, which will prevent the paint from adhering there. Pull off the glue after the plastic, when everything is dry. When it's laundry time, wash the garment inside out at 40 degrees. Now you're ready to go out and show the world who your best friend is!

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