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Black Halloween wreath


by Panduro

Black Halloween wreath

Black Halloween wreath

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint a polystyrene ring black

  • 2

    Glue on feathers

  • 3

    Attach 3 skulls

  • 4

    Glue on flowers

  • 5

    Tie on a satin ribbon and hang up

Make a spectacular black wreath with terrifying decor for Halloween. A round polystyrene frame is the perfect starting point. First paint it with black Hobbylack, apply two coats for best results. Let dry. Then attach black feathers to the lower half. Split them into two parts and begin at the top, working your way down, so that the thicker ends are hidden as you go and meet in the middle. In the middle, glue on the skulls to which you've attached little paper flowers. We recommend using a glue gun to attach the material. We painted our flowers with Hobbylack in different colours first. Paint them before gluing them to the skulls. Glue them on after they have dried.

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