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Block Printing - make your own fabric prints


by Panduro

Block Printing - make your own fabric prints

Block Printing - make your own fabric prints

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Decorating fabric with stamps is an old technique. We've brought in a whole pile of new block printing stamps with gorgeous patterns. So now, you can print your own textiles with completely unique patterns.
TO PREPARE: The fabric should be washed and dry for best results. Place the rubber block printing mat beneath the fabric where you will print.
METHOD: Dip the foam rubber sponge in fabric paint (NOTE! Use Palett fabric paints for dark fabrics); dab off excess paint so there is not too much. Then dab the stamp with the sponge to apply colour and press the stamp to the fabric (apply even pressure to the stamp); lift straight up. Apply more paint and stamp again. Do a test piece first.
Fix the paint (according to the instructions on the paint) from the back of the fabric with an iron set to cotton for 5 minutes.

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