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Blue squared


by Panduro

Blue squared

Blue squared

How to instructions

  • 1

    Draw perfect squares on marker paper using a pencil and ruler.

  • 2

    Colour in the squares using Promarker marker pens in different shades.

  • 3

    Apply more layers to achieve different shades.

  • 4

    Use the resulting artwork as gift wrap or display as wall art. You decide!

You don't have to be a professional to create artworks, simple fields of colour are just as artistic! Take care to only make soft lines with the pencil when sketching your squares, then they won't be as visible afterwards. The Promarker pens are available in a wide range of colours and have two tips - a broad one for colouring in and a fine-tipped one for details. Here we went a bundle on different shades of blue. The same marker produces various shades depending on how many layers you apply; the more layers, the deeper the colour. You can also apply a dark marker shade on top of a lighter one to produce even more shades. Using the Promarker Blender you can also mix and brighten other shades before they have dried. Play around and create your own combinations.

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