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Build a cardboard cat house


by Panduro

Build a cardboard cat house

Build a cardboard cat house

How to instructions

  • 1

    You can use the Panduro box (box 5) in which you received your craft order, or any box you have at home.

  • 2

    If you are using Panduro’s box 5, cut down the flaps on the long sides to the first fold mark. Measure both flaps and cut down one side so that they are the same size. Fold the flaps in towards one another and tape them together with masking tape to make the roof.

  • 3

    Trace the angle of the roof on the flaps on the short sides, and then cut away the edges.

  • 4

    Tape the short sides to the roof.

  • 5

    Cut out windows on the long sides.

  • 6

    Cut double doors in the middle of one short side.

  • 7

    Apply tape to all of the raw edges to make them nice and smooth.

  • 8

    Spray paint the entire house.

  • 9

    Paint doors and other details with Hobbylack paint.

  • 10

    Download the roof tile template and print it out. Cut out the roof tiles and glue them, overlapping, onto the roof. Glue the first roof tile furthest down and furthest back on the roof, and then continue gluing on tiles, slightly overlapping.

Use an empty box to make a little house for your cat! Don’t just get rid of old boxes – instead, reuse them as a crafting material. We’ve transformed a Panduro box, box 5, into a cosy home for a cat, but you could use any cardboard box you have around the house. What cat wouldn’t love her own little house for the occasional catnap?

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