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Build a miniature greenhouse


by Panduro

Build a miniature greenhouse

Build a miniature greenhouse

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint the entire greenhouse with grey Hobbylack. Apply masking tape around the boxes to make it easier to paint.

  • 2

    Dress the adorable mice in premade miniature clothes.

  • 3

    Shape little flowers, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and more with Fimo clay. Harden the clay in the oven according to the instructions on the package.

  • 4

    Build a little planting table out of wooden sticks from a miniature kit.

  • 5

    Attach a piece of boxwood garland along the inside of the ceiling to add some greenery to the greenhouse.

  • 6

    Finally, spruce up the entire space with adorable mini accessories, such as a café table, gardening tools and little yellow chicks.

Spring and summer are finally on their way in the world of miniatures, and activity abounds in the little orangerie! There are tomatoes to plant, seeds to sow and flowers to water. Craft your own imaginary world with adorable little accessories and welcome the sweet little mice! The lovely greenhouse can be painted with Hobbylack in a nice colour, or you can leave the natural wood colour.

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