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Build your own little chicken coop for Easter


by Panduro

Build your own little chicken coop for Easter

Build your own little chicken coop for Easter

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut off the ends of 11 wide sticks. Cut 6 of the sticks in half.

  • 2

    Glue the 5 long, wide sticks together to make the back wall of the chicken coop.

  • 3

    To make the side walls, glue the short, wide sticks together (6 sticks for each wall). Cut an angled piece from the top stick of both walls, to allow the roof to be tilted.

  • 4

    Paint all of the walls with Hobbylack and then glue them together.

  • 5

    Paint 2 windows and 6 narrow sticks, which you cut the ends off first. Then glue a stick to the front left side of the chicken coop. Use the rest of the sticks to build the front right wall. Measure to make sure the centre sticks fit the windows. Glue the walls to the coop.

  • 6

    Build the roof out of 8 wide sticks and cut off the ends of one side. Paint them, glue them together, and glue to the chicken coop.

  • 7

    Make a floor and glue it on as the base. Cut off the ends of 4 narrow sticks and glue them on to make legs. Finally, glue a small piece of wood to the entrance and lean a ladder against it.

  • 8

    Fill the coop with hay, colourful little eggs and adorable chicks.

Make your own Easter world with downy little Easter chicks and fuzzy mini mice! Using the wooden sticks and windows in the miniature kit, you can build an adorable miniature chicken coop. Then simply bring in the little hand-felted mice and pastel-coloured chenille chicks and enjoy Easter!