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BuJo - the new trend!


by Panduro

BuJo - the new trend!

BuJo - the new trend!

How to instructions

In a bullet journal, you can organise and plan your life your way. The basic principles are simple: you have a legend/key page that shows what your symbols mean. A dot indicates an assignment/task to be done and a circle is an event. An asterisk beforehand indicates priority and an arrow means you've moved the task to next week. Cross out the symbols as tasks are achieved. You can use these basic principles to expand your legend with more symbols that suit you. Enter the page numbers on an index page at the beginning to find things easily. On one spread, write the month and numbers; on the next page, write the week number at the top and start designing your week. You get to decide and the opportunities are endless. If you have a lot to do on Wednesdays, for example, then simply make that day bigger. Write your tasks, events etc. under each day. Search the web for "bullet journaling" and you'll find tons of great ideas for spreads and decorations.

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