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Bunny Easter egg with Easter sweets


by Panduro

Bunny Easter egg with Easter sweets

Bunny Easter egg with Easter sweets

How to instructions

  • 1

    First, paint the card egg your favourite colours (in the picture, we used white and purple)

  • 2

    Make the ears, eyes and nose out of pearl dough and let them dry

  • 3

    Glue the pieces to the card egg

  • 4

    Last, glue on a little pompom as a tail

  • 5

    Fill the egg with homemade sweets and present it to a loved one

With a little Hobbylack, pearl dough and imagination, you can make an adorable, unique Easter egg to give to someone you care about. Why not turn it into an Easter bunny, who always brings Easter eggs anyway? Best of all, you can make everything from the egg to the sweets at home yourself. What a treat it is to receive an Easter egg on Easter Sunday with sweets made especially for you. Our DIY Candy & Tools kit will let you surprise someone even more with homemade Easter treats. Panduro wishes you a super sweet Easter!

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