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Cast a concrete candle holder


by Panduro

Cast a concrete candle holder

Cast a concrete candle holder

How to instructions

Cast a diamond-shaped candle holder for tealights. Have at home (in addition to mould & concrete): Mask, neutral cooking oil, sandpaper, spoon, paper towels, decilitre measuring cup, plastic wrap, spray bottle. Wear gloves and cover the work table with protective plastic.
METHOD: 1. Brush the mould with a little oil.
2. Fill the mould and shake/knock on it (so that any air bubbles disappear).
3. Cover the mould with plastic wrap and let the concrete harden.
4. Meanwhile, spray the concrete with water a few times (about twice). Hardening time varies between 1-2 days.
5. Carefully loosen the concrete from the mould and let dry completely.
6. Paint with Hobbylack; let dry. Sand off any paint that ended up on the outside with sandpaper. Tip! Cut out a piece of felt and glue it to the bottom of the candle holder to keep it from scratching the surface underneath.
Want to see what to do? Watch our video online, see below.

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