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Cast with concrete & plaster


by Panduro

Cast with concrete & plaster

Cast with concrete & plaster

How to instructions

It is fun to cast objects in concrete and plaster. Here are three different options: two candlesticks, reindeer horns and a skull.
1. Cool candlesticks: Cast in ready-made silicone moulds lowered into two containers (the size of our melting pots).
2. Faux reindeer horns: Cut branches to a suitable size. Cut about 5 cm-long strips of plaster gauze, dip in water and wrap around the branches. Let dry completely. Make a stain: dilute 1 tsp Hobbylack with 1 dl water in a bowl. Brush the stain on a wooden board and let dry. Glue the branches to the wooden board; insert two nails into each branch for extra support (conceal the nails with more gauze strips). Have at home: pruning shears for clipping the branches.
3. Skull: Cast in a ready-made latex mould. Insert the decorative stones in the eye holes (attach with stone glue).
See the materials used in the list below.