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Cast with concrete & plaster


by Panduro

Cast with concrete & plaster

Cast with concrete & plaster

How to instructions

Cast your own bookends, paper weights, candle holders or sculptures. METHOD: Fold the mould sheet and tape with masking tape. Use plenty of tape to make sure the mould is secure. Note! It is very important that the tabs are on the outside; otherwise they will leave a pattern in the finished cast object. Mix the plaster/stone plaster/concrete etc. according to the instructions. Place the mould in sand or stabilise it another way. Pour the mixture into the mould. If you want to make a candle holder, press in a candle cup. If you want to make a picture frame, you can make a spiral from metal wire and press the end into the mixture. You can make a wall-mounted sculpture by casting in a hanger. Let the mixture dry completely before loosening the mould.

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