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Christmas Elf Porch


by Panduro

Christmas Elf Porch

Christmas Elf Porch

How to instructions

  • 1

    Start by painting the facade and the staircase frame with white Hobbylack. Paint the door red and the roof and steps grey.

  • 2

    Moisten the ceiling with a bit of water and sprinkle with artificial snow. The moisture will help the snow stick.

  • 3

    Write a house number next to the door or use number stickers, like we did.

  • 4

    Wrap up little parcels and tie with string. Or use pre-made parcels from a miniature kit.

  • 5

    Paint the clogs green.

  • 6

    Hang a little Christmas wreath on the door and arrange trees, parcels, twigs and a little lantern in front of the steps.

Let the little Christmas mouse or elf move in for Christmas! Nothing spreads Christmas cheer quite like miniatures. Build an elf door with a veranda and a little winter landscape to make things ultra-cosy for your little Christmas guest. The veranda and stairs are made in wood and sold pre-assembled. We've also sprinkled plenty of glittering loose snow around the veranda as a final touch. Don't forget to place the little clogs in front of the door, so that the elf can easily put them on when heading out to spread Christmas cheer.