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Christmas Eve for the mice


by Panduro

Christmas Eve for the mice

Christmas Eve for the mice

How to instructions

  • 1

    Build a sturdy cardboard house and paint it with brown Hobbylack.

  • 2

    Paint the balcony and door with white matt Hobbylack, and paint the doorknob green. Attach to the cardboard with screws or glue.

  • 3

    Make a ladder out of toothpicks that youve painted grey and glue them to jute twine, tied around the balcony balusters. Wrap a boxwood garland around the balcony railing for an extra decorative touch.

  • 4

    Build windows out of lolly sticks and toothpicks painted white. Attach paper behind the sash bar and a piece of fabric as a curtain, for a nice and homely look. Then glue the windows to the wall.

  • 5

    Pipe pretty patterns on the roof and walls with Soft Creamy Dough. Attach glittery mini snowballs and colourful decor stones as a finishing touch.

Build a magical gingerbread land for the little mice this Christmas! Miniatures and a tiny elf door spread such wonderful cosy Christmas cheer. We have turned old cardboard boxes into a gingerbread house. A glue gun is perfect for assembling all the pieces of the house. Make clothing for the mice out of felt pieces and knitted tubing. They are easy to glue together, so you don't have to sew anything. Tie a beautiful satin ribbon around one mouse's waist and make a stylish bow for the other. Finally, decorate the balcony with beautifully wrapped gifts and a tasty Christmas cake.

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