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Christmas tree bauble with feathers


by Panduro

Christmas tree bauble with feathers

Christmas tree bauble with feathers

How to instructions

  • 1

    Pull the hang loop out of the Christmas tree bauble

  • 2

    Glue on feathers

  • 3

    Carefully apply Oceanlack varnish all over the bauble and the feathers. Leave to dry

  • 4

    Replace the hang loop

  • 5

    Take two feathers, wrap together with metal wire, and then attach to the metal hanger loop

We took our inspiration from nature for this Christmas tree bauble. Nature has so many beautiful objects to offer, like feathers (which you can also buy from our assortment). METHOD: Remove the hanger from the Christmas bauble. Put the feather anywhere you like on the bauble, apply glue to the "shaft" and attach it. Carefully brush the entire bauble with Oceanlack, and then the entire feather as well. Let dry completely (about 30 minutes). Replace the hanger. Take two feathers and wrap them with metal wire, then attach them to the loop of the hanger. Then hang the Christmas tree bauble from a pretty ribbon. See the sketch in the PDF below.

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