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Clay Easter eggs


by Panduro

Clay Easter eggs

Clay Easter eggs

How to instructions

If you want to try something new, instead of ordinary chicken eggs in the bouquet, try making eggs from clay! METHOD: Roll out the clay on a sheet of baking paper. Make an egg template from a stiff piece of paper or hobby card; place it on top of the clay and cut out along the shape with a knife. Repeat to make more eggs and finish by removing the excess clay from between the eggs. Slide the baking paper onto a tray and use a pen to make holes for hanging the eggs. Let the clay dry overnight. Finish by painting the eggs with Hobbylack. TIP! This is a fun craft to have the kids help out with! / Clara Idea, text and image: CLARA LIDSTRÖM. This entry is a collaboration between Underbara Clara & Panduro.

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