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by Panduro

Collect and paint stones this summer!

Collect and paint stones this summer!

How to instructions

  • 1

    Prime the stone with a coat of paint and let dry

  • 2

    Paint a black dot, about 2 cm, in the centre of the stone and let dry

  • 3

    Paint a white dot on top of the black dot, approx. 7-8 mm

  • 4

    Continue with a new row of small dots in a new colour

  • 5

    Done! Now youve spruced up the stones

Make something beautiful with your holiday memories! It is easy to make really beautiful interior decor details with stones found on the beach. Method: Prime the stone with a coat of paint, or paint just a 2 cm black dot in the middle to give the pattern more depth. Once the paint is dry, start painting the dots. Begin with one white dot in the middle, about 7-8 mm big, and continue outward as seen in the picture. For small dots, use a rounded toothpick, dip, apply a dot, dip again - until the stone is finished and you are satisfied. For slightly bigger dots, use an embossing tool or the end of a brush handle. We used Hobbylack Gloss Bright, but you can go wild and use any colours you like. TIP! Combine with white to produce lighter shades. What will you do with your holiday treasures?

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