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Colour with markers in layers


by Panduro

Colour with markers in layers

Colour with markers in layers

How to instructions

  • 1

    Start by sketching a design in pencil on a sheet of marker paper.

  • 2

    Trace the outlines with a thin water-based drawing pen.

  • 3

    Erase the pencil lines completely after the ink has dried. This is important, because otherwise the pencil may mess up your colours.

  • 4

    Colour the different areas in consecutive fields for even results. Colour an area multiple times to obtain a deeper, darker colour.

  • 5

    Start with the lightest colour and then continue with darker colours to create soft transitions.

  • 6

    If you want certain areas to be white, retain the white space simply by not colouring there.

  • 7

    Use the colourless blender to create highlights and lighten coloured areas. To do that, apply the blender to that area to make the colour there lighter.

Create incredible drawings and illustrations with Panduro Colour Markers! The alcohol-based markers are perfect for colouring and have double, replaceable tips: a thin tip at one end for details and a wide, angled tip at the other for thicker lines and filling in bigger areas. Because the ink is transparent, you can create soft transitions from one shade to another and use layering to deepen the colour. The more layers you add, the darker the colour will be. Always use alcohol-based markers on a special marker pad to prevent the ink from feathering or bleeding through the paper. Tip: You can also use the blender to remove ink that may have ended up outside the lines.

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